How To Get Your Tax Back From Summer Camp

So if you’ve worked at summer camp before, you may have been taxed on your wages (depending on how much you earned over the summer) which, while yes it does suck to have someone take away your (very) hard earned cash, you do get to claim back at the end of the tax year. I like to think of it like a free savings account!

Tax refund money

The deadline for claiming your tax back this year is April 18th, so you haven’t got long to get it done (it’s usually April 15th but there’s something about the Washington DC Emancipation Day Holiday. Yeah, I don’t know what that is either?!). The actual process is fairly simple though – I’m not allowed to give you full tax advice (as that’s actually illegal) but I can tell you the basics.

The first step is to ask your employer for your W2 form. This is the form that details how much you earned and how much tax you paid. It has details such as your social security and employer identification numbers on it. Your employer should just be able to email you a copy.

Then, once you have your W2 form you have two options:

1. The first is to head to, follow their instructions and basically they will then just do everything for you. There is a fee for this service though, so if you want to sort it yourself (for free) you should choose the second option.

2. Go to, click ‘Start Free’, create an account and follow their instructions. You do have to have your wits about you a little bit to answer some of the questions on the forms, but it’s relatively straightforward.


Good luck and enjoy your refund!

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