This One Time, At Summer Camp…

Everyone who’s ever been to Summer Camp has an endless list of ridiculous stories to tell about the ‘time this happened’, ‘the time so-and-so said’, or the ‘time a camper did that’. We could all probably go on forever about it. And, of course, one story just leads to the next. Here are the short versions of just a few of the best stories from my time working at Summer Camp.

1. That time a camper got sent contraband (candy) hidden inside a cuddly toy.

2. That time your camper peed on everyone’s shoes in the middle of the night. This is a story for its own post later on.

3. That time you lost your towel in the lake.

4. That time a huge storm happened, lightning struck a tree down the middle, and you lost phone and internet service at camp for a week.

Summer Camp USA Storm Clouds
Storm clouds rolling in

5. That time your tent mate (and best friend) tipped her bed over and fell out of the tent.

6. That time you drove a golf cart into the climbing tower. Also a story for another time.

7. That time in Fall camp when you all had to search in the grass for the 4 orange pegs that marked out where the climbing tower was going to go. And it turned into a competition. A lot of grass died that day.

8. That time morning meeting was hilarious because we were all delirious.

9. That time the kitchen ran out of Marshmallow Mateys.

10. That time you and Lily took a bunch of 17 year old’s mountain biking. Or rather you both nearly died of exhaustion, as the boys did laps around you.

11. That time you rode a horse for the first time 15 years.

Summer Camp opportunity Horse riding
Camp gives you the opportunity to do all sorts of things!

12. That time you fell off your skateboard into the mud after trying to skate down the VERY steep hill.

13. The time a camper turned an empty bed (and its bug net) into a menagerie for moths and other insects.

14. That time you decided that you were sick of having wet shoes and socks everyday and it was time to don the crocs.

15. That time the ice cream place didn’t have any chocolate sauce/rainbow sprinkles

16. That time you waited 2 and half hours for the pizza place to deliver your food and it was sooooo worth it.

17. That time Color War happened. Oh Color War.

18. That time you dropped and rolled all the tents on camp in 4 and a half hours. This (and much of the other stuff that happens during Fall Camp) deserves its own post.

Summer Camp USA Color War
Color War takes over!

19. That time there was a storm and the tent pole fell down and the fly sheet ripped open in the wind.

20. That time everyone dressed up in togas. Wait, which time?

21. That time you had to teach fishing but there were NO worms to be found, so you had to convince the kids that they didn’t really need bait after all. You didn’t catch any fish.

22. That time your Camp Director rode a horse down to the Square Dance.

23.  That time the shower curtain fell down. While you were IN the shower.

24. That time you got into bed and there was a GIANT centipede crawling around on the inside of your bug net. And then you had to deal with it by flicking it into a cardboard box and flinging the whole thing outside the tent, squealing the whole time.

25. That time you and Cam spent two hours on your hands and knees in the grass looking for the holes to put the baseball net in. And then you found out you were looking in the wrong place.

26. That time summer was over, camp was empty and you had to go home. Not really a best story as such, but one that happens every year and one that every summer camp counselor can understand and commiserate with.

Summer Camp Tents End USA
The tents are down, everyone’s gone home

Many of these stories deserve their own post and headline, so keep your eyes peeled for the full versions coming soon!

If you have any of your own stories you’d like to share, we’d love to read them in the comments below. Or you can get in touch and write for us!


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