Summer Camp Secrets: The Book

I wrote a book. I’m going to say that again. I wrote a book. A book all about being a summer camp counselor.

If you’ve always wanted to know more about what being a summer camp counselor is really like, then look no further, this is the book for you. It’s a true and honest account of my first ever summer at camp – my full daily diary from that summer, detailing absolutely everything that I did, every single day, from the moment I left the UK, to the day I landed back there almost 3 months later. This ‘How To’ guide reveals all through the real diary of a first time counselor, with plenty of fun, laughs and, of course, the drama that ensues when a group of young people live together for 10 weeks in the sunshine.

This book is an absolute must-read for anyone thinking about working at summer camp, with an enormous amount of tips, tricks and information about how to make the most of your summer and be the best camp counselor you can be. This is a how-to guide you won’t find anywhere else!

It’s been a labour of love and I’m so excited to share my summer camp stories and advice with you, and hopefully to inspire you too to go off to Summer Camp on the best adventure you’ll ever have!


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