Day 27. June 21st ’14: Kids Arrive Tomorrow!

So nice to have a lie in after a hectic week of staff training. We were all off at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, so all the supervisors went to Mizza’s for some food and drink. We’re not due back to work until lunch today so I’m going to Irving Farms for breakfast this morning with a bunch of people. I should probably get out of bed.

Summer camp counselors Day off

Breakfast was excellent as usual. Bacon and egg on a roll, my standard Irving order. Then I somehow ended up doing van runs backwards and forwards from camp to pick people up all morning. It’s cool though, I was only hanging out anyway.

Spent the afternoon helping Caitlin & Tash organise the store, because it was in a total state, with everything EVERYWHERE and impossible to find! We had some tunes pumping, and now all the camp merch is super organised and neat and tidy, just how I like it. Now I’m in the office, doing some last sorting of things that I need to have Media ready for the arrival of the kids tomorrow! I can’t believe the start of camp has come around so quickly… I’ve been here for nearly a month already!

Summer Camp Staff auction

Finally got into bed. Today feels like it started forever ago. We had our annual staff auction this evening which is always entertaining. Basically every staff member brings something to put into the auction and then we all get together and everything gets sold to the highest bidder (just in case you didn’t know how an auction works!). Some people buy the craziest things. There was food, there were banana suits, blankets, onesies, you name it, we probably had it.

We raised quite a lot of money I think – and that all goes towards being able to provide funding for kids to come to camp who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. It’s pretty cool to be able to help like that.

Anyway, I should go to sleep. Kids arrive tomorrow!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 27. June 21st ’14: Kids Arrive Tomorrow!

  1. Thank you for sharing this story! It definitely reminds me about all of the summer camp experiences over the past few years. Not often that a weekend goes being totally relaxed in the camp world.


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