Day 29. June 23rd ’14: It’s Monday Funday!

It’s the first proper day of camp (the kids arrived yesterday) and I’ve been in the office all morning! There’s always so much to do on the first day, but luckily activities don’t start until tomorrow, so I’ve got time to get everything on my to do list done.

Today is ‘Monday Funday’, which happens on the first Monday of every session – it’s where all the kids do activities with their whole section so they get to know the other kids and their counselors. Everyone gets dressed up in some crazy neon colours and spends the day learning chants and playing games.

So yeah, I’ve just been in my little office, staring at a computer screen, trying to get all of yesterdays photos and videos organised and uploaded and quickly as possible – there are family photos from check in, all the tent photos to sort out and order, and a video from last night’s opening campfire to edit and upload. Busy busy.

summer camp camp counselor
Monday Funday!

Just been out to all the sections in Rest Hour, trying to get the last of the tent photos that I couldn’t get yesterday (because of kids not being here yet etc). I think this is the first time I’ve ever managed to get them all done and dusted (and ordered for printing) by Monday!

Spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get the computers in the staff lodge fixed. I failed with that task (the internet is all messed up in there), so I moved on to another tech-y job of setting up a new computer and work space in one of the back rooms in the office. It took a lot of lugging computers, keyboards and the like back and forth from another building until I found all the right bits and pieces. Super simple to put together until it got to setting up the internet and we discovered that there were a million different cables that could have been the correct one… and they were all the same colour! So about half an hour of hilarity ensued as I stood in my office where the central internet hub and cables are, shouting across to another room while someone else tried each cable in turn! We got there in the end. Job done.

Summer camp counselor tent
So many tent photos!

Just got back to my tent after finishing up with ‘Human Computer’. This is where a bunch of us get together and do the ever so complicated task of putting all the kids into their activities for the week. It’s long and ridiculously impossible at times, but tonight was a relatively easy one because we don’t have that many kids this week.

So cosy in my bed. Had a bit of a dispute with a friend this evening about something totally ridiculous and random that by the end of it we couldn’t figure out why we were arguing in the first place. No drama though.

Summer really is in full swing now though – first day of activities start tomorrow! Mental


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