Day 38. July 2nd ’14: Another Day Off & A Mahoosive Storm

Loving my day off so far. Went to the batting cages yesterday afternoon to hit some balls (I was surprisingly better at it than I thought I would be!), and then to Mizza’s for pizza and beers as per usual.

Now at Irving Farms for breakfast… standard order of bacon and egg on a roll with an Iced Chai. I think I would eat this for every meal if I could. So good.

Baseball Batting Cages Summer Camp

We basically ended up just spending the entire day in the car – people wanted piercings and I wanted to get a tattoo (I want to get the coordinates of home and camp down the back of my neck), so we went to T-town and went to every place we could find but they were all either closed or didn’t have time for walk-ins today. Gah. Knew we shoulda gone to Great Barrington. Oh well. Kinda lame, but it happens. It was quite fun anyway…day off’s always good when you’ve got a good crew and some great tunes in the car.

Drove back and went to Millerton for iced coffee and ended up driving right into the middle of an insanely scary storm. Like we actually couldn’t see a thing cos the rain and wind were so crazy…had to drive at about 2mph so we didn’t drive off the edge of the road!


Back at camp now and the storm hasn’t let up. I’m hiding in the office, trying to get some work done. Major planning for theme day going on, got so much to organise before Sunday. Stressing. I feel like all I’m doing at the moment is writing schedules and planning for all camp stuff – first the Scooby Doo evening a few weeks ago, then running intersession, and now theme day. Kinda can’t wait for Sunday to be over so I can actually get back to doing a bit more media stuff!


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