The Language Barrier: 15 English Words That Aren’t The Same Across The Pond

Probably one of the first things you’ll notice about America (after the supersized meals and funny accents) is the fact that there is a obvious and occasional language barrier between counselors from the UK and the American staff and campers.

Certain words just don’t mean the same thing there as they mean here, and that can have some pretty hilarious outcomes.

English words are in black and their American counterparts are in red below. I think at this point, after 4 summers spent at camp, my brain thinks half in American…so many of these words are now such a regular part of my vocabulary that it’s a struggle to remember what I used to say!

1. Jumper – Sweater

2. Lift – Elevator

3. Sweets – Candy

4. Rubber – Eraser/Condom (this one makes me laugh every time. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve asked someone for a rubber, obviously meaning an eraser, and they give me this weird look or just burst out laughing.)

5. Football – Soccer

6. Rubbish – Trash

7. Biscuit – Cookie

8. Fizzy Drink – Soda

9. Spaghetti – Noodles

10. Dummy – Pacifier

11. Nappy – Diaper

12. Crisps – Chips

13. Tracksuit Bottoms – Sweatpants

14. Trainers – Sneakers

15. Pavement – Sidewalk


What other words can you think of that aren’t the same in America?


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