What If I Don’t Like Camp Or I Get Fired?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while (especially the diary entries), you’ll know that there’s a fair amount of mischief you can get up to at camp without getting into too much trouble. But there are of course some things that will be grounds for immediate dismissal from camp. It is just like any other job. Mess it up badly enough and you’ll be fired. And then of course there’s the (very slim) chance that you might not actually like camp and you decide to quit. Yes, it happens.

So what’s the process if you do get fired or you quit before the summer is over?

      1. You will be given about 20 minutes to pack up your stuff and leave. You will most likely not be able to say goodbye to your friends, and definitely not to the campers.
      2. You should call your agency’s emergency number as soon as possible. Call them before you call anyone else (including your mum). Either use the camp’s phone (if they let you), or do it at the bus/train station.
      3. Your camp will drop you at the nearest bus or train station and leave you there. But don’t travel anywhere before speaking to your agency first. There might be a few things they can do to help you.
      4. Unless your agency can get you a placement at another camp (depending on the seriousness of your fire-able offense), you will have to head straight for the airport and get yourself on the first flight home. You are now financially responsible for any expenses – including food, accommodation and travel.

What are your agency going to do?

When you call your agency, you will need to explain to them what happened, give them the reason you’re being fired or have chosen to quit. They will help you work out if you’re owed any money from your camp, and perhaps even consider reassigning you to another camp.

Then one of two things will happen – they’ll either be able to get you a job somewhere else (awesome), or you’ll have to leave the USA pretty much immediately. Your visa is only valid if you are working at camp. As soon as you get fired or quit, your visa will be revoked.

*Note: if you are fired because of drugs or violence, you will most certainly be sent straight home.

So now you know all the hassle of getting fired… just don’t be an idiot, okay?


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