Returning to Camp with CCUSA: January Update

OK, so you know that I’ll be returning to camp with CCUSA, but what is the returner process actually like and where have I got up to? Well I thought it was time I filled you in…

CCUSA’s returner process is actually really simple, just head to their website, hit the Apply/Login button at the top, fill in your details to create an account (or log in with your email and password if you’ve been to camp through CCUSA before, as I did back in 2014) and away you go. The first thing you’ll have to do is choose which program you are applying for (Camp Counselors USA 2017), and then you’ll be taken to your ‘program dashboard’, which shows you everything you need to do next – complete your application documents, upload a photo, sign the program agreement and send a copy of your passport and camp contract/invitation letter to CCUSA.

CCUSA returner application
To do list
Don’t forget to send your important docs to CCUSA!

So the first thing you need to do is the application form – click on ‘complete application documents’, then ‘program application’ and you’ll see the below. These sections are relatively simple, especially compared the the mammoth form you will have had to do for your first year at camp – just answer the questions in as much detail as possible and you’ll be onto the next stage in no time. Then it’s really a matter of just completing each task, one at a time.

CCUSA returner application
Make sure to answer these in as much detail as possible.

Once you’ve completed all the sections on the dashboard to do list, your account will show a fee owing of £199. Pay this and then you can move onto the next stage – gathering your camp documents, getting your police check and applying for your visa.

This is where I’m up to at the moment, just trying to get everything together as quickly as possible. I’m just waiting on my final contract from my camp (there were a few date changes), and I need to check with CCUSA if I can use my current DBS check and last year’s Health Form, and then hopefully my dates will be confirmed and my visa papers will start processing which mean’s I’ll be able to book my visa appointment and start looking at flights. It’s all very exciting!

CCUSA Returner Application
My current dashboard to do list

I love the way CCUSA make it all so simple – I’m a big fan of lists, so showing me all the things I’ve completed or still am yet to do breaks it down in a way that makes it all manageable and not so stressful. Yes, even after 6 years of going through this process, it can still be a little overwhelming! Further down the page are sections for all of the important documents and info you need, making it really easy to understand, and at the bottom of your dashboard there is even a list of things you’ve completed, giving you a sort of digital pat on the back.

So that’s my January update – more to come next month as I (hopefully) get closer to getting my visa sorted for another awesome summer at camp!

**Don’t forget – if this is your third year (or more) at camp, there are a limited number of visas available to you, so it’s really important to get everything sorted as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!**


**I’m returning to camp this summer with CCUSA who have the lowest returner fees and have placed 100% of applicants in the last 2 years. Get in touch with them via their websiteFacebookTwitter or Instagram, by phoning them on +44 0208 874 6325 or by email at**

Disclaimer: CCUSA are waiving my camp fees in return for this blog series, but please rest assured that all opinions are honest and my own.

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