Q & A with BUNAC: Getting Placed at Camp

Yes, I know the blog has been full of BUNAC related posts lately, but as the summer approaches I want you guys to have all the information you need to get yourselves placed at an awesome camp in the USA! In this Q & A, we learn all about how the placement process works and what you need to do after you get placed.

1. When will I start to hear from camps?

Great news! Camps are already hiring for this summer and will continue to do so until around the end of April.  This means as long as you’ve completed your BUNAC Summer Camp USA application you could hear from camps at any time. They will reach out to you via email and set up a time to interview you on Skype, so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox!

Summer camp counselor
Are you ready to have this much fun this summer?

2. Do you match my application to specific camps?

BUNAC’s partners in the US, CIEE, work directly with American camps and will look to send your application over to any camps that are looking for the skills associated with your application. So if you have specialist skills, say for example you are a qualified Lifeguard or Sailing Instructor, your chances of being interviewed by a camp which focuses on watersport activities are likely.

3. It’s been weeks and I still haven’t heard anything, is there anything I can do to increase my chances of getting hired?

Yes, don’t worry! Although you cannot edit your application after it has been submitted, you can add a video to make your application even stronger. A video allows a Camp Director to a get a glimpse of your personality and skills, and it adds a much more personal feel to your application. They’ll feel like they’ve already met you before they’ve even interviewed you, which is great. When adding your video, make sure it is good quality, short and sweet. The actual video content should provide a summary of you, your skills and what you want to get out of the summer camp experience. Be enthusiastic and it’ll work in your favour – trust me.

4. Can I turn down a job offer from a camp if I’m not sure about them?

You have the power to reject a camp placement, but you should think very carefully before doing so. BUNAC cannot guarantee another camp placement for you, and it may be the only camp you are offered a position with. It’s good to bear in mind that BUNAC’s placement team in the U.S only place you at a camp based on the information you have provided on your application, so if you do have preferences on the types of camps you’d like to work with, for example, you can state this in your application beforehand to eliminate interviewing with a camp you do not want further down the line. The BUNAC team will always encourage you to speak to each camp and accept the placement, however BUNAC are there to help, so feel free to contact them by emailing enquiries@bunac.org.uk if you are unsure of anything.

Summer camp counselor
Make some new best friends this summer!

5. I got placed! Now what do I do?

CONGRATULATIONS! Be prepared for the best, most unbelievably amazing summer of your life that will change you in the very best of ways! After your successful placement you’ll shortly receive an email from BUNAC with all your next steps. This will include making your final payments, applying for a police check and all the information on flights and visas. This is the final check list before you go to camp, so make sure you get these sorted as soon as you can. (Psst: well done, again.)

6. I already have a DBS Check/other Police Check, will you accept this? 

Unfortunately not! You do need to get a new ICPC Police Check every year you are on the BUNAC Summer Camp programme. This is to make sure you’re meeting all of their safety requirements to work with children. Any questions, give the BUNAC team a shout as they’re there to help 🙂


If you have any other questions, visit the BUNAC Summer Camp USA FAQ page.

**I’m returning to camp this summer with BUNAC who have been sending people just like you to camp for many years. Get in touch with them via their websiteFacebookTwitter or Instagram, by phoning them on +44 333 999 7516 or by email at enquiries@bunac.org.uk.**

Disclaimer: BUNAC are waiving my camp fees in return for this blog series, but please rest assured that all opinions are honest and my own.


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