Summer Camp Agencies: All About Camp Leaders

Camp Leaders have been running for 15 years and are one the leading agencies in the pack at the moment, with branches all over the world, from London to Mexico to Australia to the USA. Everyone who works for Camp Leaders has, at some point in their life, worked at a summer camp, and they really have tried and tested every sort of camp imaginable. In their own words, Camp Leaders “may not have been around the longest, but when it comes to genuine camp experience, [they] lead the way.”

Camp Leader View

Camp Leaders will help with absolutely everything, from your initial application, right through to help with your travel. They have fantastic customer service (even winning an award for it from the British Youth Travel Awards), and are always on hand with lots of information, whether you are new to summer camp or a long time returner. They even have some great advice on where to travel after camp, with a few deals thrown in here and there.

Just like all the other agencies, the Camp Leaders’ application process is pretty simple. Apply online, get interviewed,  head to job fair to get placed on the day (or wait for a camp to hire you),  complete your application with all your documents, go to a preparation day, get your visa and away you go!

So, what do you get?

  • A summer camp job in America
  • Return transatlantic flights (if you choose the flight option)
  • Up to $1500 pocket money
  • Up to 90 days’ medical insurance
  • Visa assistance and sponsorship
  • Award-winning customer service,
  • Preparation and guidance through the process
  • 24-hour support whilst in the USA
  • Up to a month of travel after camp

And, what do you pay?

  • For all for this, you will pay £549 (remember this includes your flights!)*
  • If you want to book your own flights, you will pay just £299*
  • You will also need to pay any third party fees, i.e. for your visa ($180), police check (£60) and for a medical check from your GP (cost varies)
  • If you are returning to camp, you will pay £229 (plus third party fees), but you will have to pay for your own flights. As a returner, you will negotiate your own contract with your camp.

*Correct as of Sept 2016

Camp Leaders Logo

If you’re interested in applying with Camp Leaders, head to their website, or find out more info on Facebook or Twitter, or by downloading their brochure.

Alternatively, you call call them directly on (44)-151-708-6868, or email them at For worldwide contact details, click here.


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