Application Deadlines Are Fast Approaching!

If you’ve been thinking about applying to work at summer camp this coming summer, now is the time to get those applications done and dusted, because the application deadlines are fast approaching, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on what could be the best summer of your life, just because you didn’t fill a form in on time!

Each of the agencies have different final deadlines, but personally I would recommend that you get your applications finished (including all your documents such as your police check) by the end of Feb so that your agency can find you the perfect camp and get you on your way to having your visa in hand, all ready for the summer. Even though, yes, it’s true that you could still get hired just a few weeks before summer starts, you will still need to have all of your application stuff completed, just in case!

There’s nothing worse than the stress of trying to get everything finished at the last minute, and then having to go to the Embassy for your visa interview, and then having to wait for your passport to arrive as it gets closer and closer to your departure date!

So if you haven’t applied yet, what on earth are you waiting for?! And if you need more convincing, here are 90 reasons why you should apply for summer camp. Now.

To find out the very final deadlines for application, head to the websites below, or get in touch with agencies for heaps of details and help.

BUNAC (read all about BUNAC here)

CCUSA – the official deadline is 1st March. (read all about CCUSA here)

Camp America (read about Camp America here)

AmeriCamp (read more about AmeriCamp here)

Camp Leaders (read more about Camp Leaders here)

3 Adventures (read all about 3 Adventures here)

Wild Packs

NYQUEST Camp Canada (read all about NYQUEST here)

Summer Camp Fever

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