Summer Camp Agencies: All About NYQUEST

About a week ago I informed you that the USA isn’t the only place that you can get hired to work at a summer camp…yep, you can also go to Canada! One of the agencies that can get you there is NYQUEST Camp Canada, a great little company based in Toronto, whose mission is to “significantly improve the quality of staffing at camps throughout Canada”.

NYQUEST Camp Canada

Through NYQUEST you will get a whole heap of different services, from the initial application screening, to excellent placement, to pre-travel help and assistance with your work permit. And because they are based in Canada, they are always on hand to help once you are actually at camp… they might even come and visit you during the summer to see how you’re getting on!

Every single person who works for NYQUEST has worked at summer camp before and they are all extremely passionate about it – they know exactly what you are going through, and how amazing it can be when you are working at the perfect camp, so they will always do their utmost to get you placed at the right camp for you. And because they are such a small team, everything is done on a very personal level.

Click here to find out if you are eligible for the NYQUEST program.

NYQUEST Camp Canada

So, what do you get?

  • A salary of $1400-$1800 CAD, depending on age, skills and experience. This is for an 8-10 week period.
  • If you work longer than the standard 8-10 weeks, you will earn an additional $200+ per week
  • An extra $100 if you hold a valid Canadian lifeguarding certificate.
  • Free health insurance.
  • Free Canadian bank account.
  • 2 FREE nights accommodation in your arrival city.
  • Help with your work permit application.
  • Orientation and training in your host city before you head to camp.
  • 24 hour emergency support.
  • Free food and accommodation at camp.
  • Travel assistance. You will get free transportation from the airport to your hostel, and free transport from your hostel to your camp.

And, what do you pay?

There are two different payment options, depending on how early your get your application in.

Before Feb 1st:

  • $600 CAD (£335)
  • This does not include flights, but you are able to choose the flight assist option*

After Feb 1st:

  • $650 CAD (£362)
  • This does not include flights, but you are able to choose the flight assist option*

*Flight assist: NYQUEST can deduct the cost of your flight from your salary. Get in touch with them for more details.

*NOTE: you can return to your summer camp for FREE with NYQUEST.

NYQUEST also work with a bunch of other recruiting organisations worldwide, such as CCUSA and Camp Canada, who forward on their applications so NYQUEST can handle all the placements, work permits and various other logistics. It is important to note that NYQUEST has no control over the other recruiter’s individual procedures and fees.

And that’s NYQUEST all wrapped up in one neat little post for you. If you want to apply with them, or simply find out more, head to their website, Facebook page or get in touch via Twitter.

Or you can contact them directly by phone at +1-416-932-1370 or by sending them a message through their contact page online.


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