Packing For Summer Camp: A Video

So I know I already have a post about packing, with detailed lists of what to bring and how many of each item, as well as another post about some random camp essentials, but I figured I wrote those quite a while ago, and it might be time for an update, especially since the majority of you will be heading off to camp in the next few weeks!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know that I was busy filming a packing advice video for my camp’s staff page a few weeks ago, and I realised that maybe I should make one of these vlog thingymabobs for the blog too! Now, I’m not a massive fan of being in front of the camera (hence why I’m usually the one taking all the photos and making the videos at camp!), so please bear with me – this is the first video like this I’ve ever done.

Anyway, I’ve only lightly touched on what clothes you need, as I figured most of you know what you like to wear/not wear, and you can check out that pretty specific list I mentioned earlier if you need more help. So the video mostly goes into those random extra things that 6 years at camp has taught me will always come in handy at some point over the summer!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video, and please comment below if you’re a returner and you can think of anything I’ve forgotten about!


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