Summer Camp Agency Comparison

When researching how to get a job at Summer Camp in the USA you’ll come across a huge number of agencies, all vying for your attention (and money). Some of these agencies are great, with long established roots in the industry, while some are much newer, with less experience and therefore might not be quite as helpful when trying to place you with your dream camp.

Summer Camp Counselors

Over the years I’ve used 4 different agencies (not for any particular reason other than I’ve been in a different country every time I applied and certain agencies made it easier for me in each place), all of whom have had their pros and cons.

Each agency offers something different to first time applicants (it all changes when you are a returner or a direct applicant) in terms of cost, pay and benefits such as insurance and flights. Below is a helpful chart displaying all the different costs and offerings from 6 of the top agencies (in the UK) – BUNAC, Camp Leaders, 3 Adventures, CCUSA, Camp America and AmeriCamp:

Updated September 2016**

summer camp fees

There are a few other things on offer too with each company, for example, BUNAC & Camp America will pick you up at the airport and put you up in a hostel for the night in NYC before you go to camp. But in my opinion these extras are small factors in the decision making process and really they all balance out in the end.

Some other agencies you could also take a look at are Wild Packs, USA Summer Camp, Camp USA USIT and InterExchange.

Summer Camp Lifeguard
If you’re a lifeguard you can make more money!

So there you have it. All your options for heading to Summer Camp as a counselor. I hope that this is a helpful tool for your when deciding which agency to go with. As you can see, there aren’t really huge differences between them other than cost, so I guess it just comes down to your own personal preference and the vibe you get from each one. Yes, I just said vibe.


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