10 Steps To Becoming A Camp Counselor

So you’ve been reading through this site and now you’re super duper interested in heading to camp next summer as a camp counselor, spending your days in the sun, making new friends and working with the coolest, most fun kids on the planet! But how the hell do you go about doing that? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide that will help get you to America.

Summer Camp Counselor
Do you want to be jumping for joy next summer?
  1. Go to a talk given by one of the agencies – they do these all over the country, at loads of different universities.
  2. Compare the agencies and choose which one is best for you
  3. Write a great application… adding a video will help your application stand out.
  4. Have an interview with your agency.
  5. Have interviews with camps around the USA and GET PLACED! Here are some handy tips so you know exactly what the camp directors are looking for.
  6. Get all your paperwork sorted – Police check, camp contract etc
  7. Book your flight
  8. Apply for your visa
  9. Go to your visa appointment at the US Embassy
  10. Get on the plane and fly to America for the BEST SUMMER EVER!

And that’s it. Simple and easy. Now what are you waiting for? Go get that application done and be on your way to the best summer of your life.


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