What To Pack For Summer Camp

Knowing what to pack for any trip is always a bit of a guessing game, but trying to pack for an entire summer, especially when you don’t really know exactly what you’re going to need, is almost impossible. So I’ve put together a little list to give you a bit of an idea of the things you’re going to need at camp.

Summer Camp Packing list
It’s always a struggle trying to fit everything in just one bag!


– 1x pair of sandals/flip flops (my camp doesn’t allow flip flops to be worn other than to the bathroom)
– 1x pair of trainers (that you don’t mind getting a bit trashed)
– 2x pair of shoes that you’ll want to wear on day off (e.g. converse/vans/heels/whatever you like)

– 6x tshirts
– 5x tanks/vests
– 5x shorts
– 1x jeans
– 2x sweatpants/leggings
– 1x lightweight sweatshirt/cardigan
– 1x hoodie
– 3x day off/camp dance outfits
– Underwear (enough for a week plus a few extras for those times you decide to jump in the pool with all your clothes on)
– 2x pyjamas
– 1x onepiece bathing suit (more if you are on swim staff/lifeguarding)
– 1x bikini
– 1x waterproof jacket
– 1x hat

– toothbrush & toothpaste
– shampoo & conditioner (or 2 in 1 to save space)
– moisturiser
– sun cream & after sun (you will get burnt at some point)
– deodorant
– razor
– shower gel
– baby wipes
– hairbrush
– bug spray & anti itch cream

(remember that you can get all this stuff in America too, so if you’re trying to save space in our bag, just wait until you can go to CVS Pharmacy and get it here)

– Flashlight/headlamp
– Towels x 2 (or just 1 and you can always buy another when you get there)
– Phone (see if you can get your phone unlocked and get a US or global SIM card)
– iPod & headphones (make a kid friendly playlist before you go and everyone will love you for it)
– Camera (or just use your phone)
– Chargers for your electrical items
– Notebook & pens
– Books (one for you and one you can read to your campers)
– Watch (an absolute MUST)
– Any medications you need (make sure it is labelled to prevent any customs issues)

Obviously this list will vary slightly depending on who you are, what you like and what you’ll be doing at camp (if you are going to be working in adventure or riding for example you may need specialist shoes and clothes), but hopefully it gives you an idea of all the things you are going to need for every occasion at camp this summer. Also don’t forget that you can always buy things out there, so no need to take massive bottles of shampoo etc!

Summer Camp Packing List
Too many clothes!

I wouldn’t suggest taking your laptop to camp unless you really, REALLY want to because honestly there won’t be much of a chance to use it unless you are running your own activity area or, like me, you are doing media stuff for your camp. Your camp will most likely have a staff common room with computers and internet access but you will quickly learn that there are far more exciting things at camp than checking your facebook.

By all means add and remove items from this list, but just remember… you have to be able to carry everything you pack, especially if you plan on travelling after camp!


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