A Guide To The AmeriCamp & CCUSA Summer Camp Recruitment Fairs

You’ve read all about BUNAC’s upcoming recruitment fair, but what about the other agencies? Whichever summer camp agency you end up choosing, the recruitment fairs are a fantastic way to meet some camp directors face to face and get hired on the spot!

In this post I’ll be focusing on AmeriCamp and CCUSA, who work in partnership to get you the best placements at summer camps across the USA – how their recruitment fairs run and how you can gain the most from them (and hopefully a job too!).

AmeriCamp and CCUSA are both leaders in the summer camp industry and in January they are bringing a whole bunch of camp directors from across the USA to the UK for you to meet and find employment with. Both agencies have been sending people to summer camp for many years and their recruitment fairs are an excellent way for you to kick off the best summer of your life.


  • A great opportunity to meet and interview with camp directors from across America.
  • A chance to get placed at a camp with your best friend (or a nearby camp).
  • Show off your skills and fill the spots they are looking for – lifeguards, artists, sports players etc.
  • Get hired on the day, instead of waiting for a camp director to come across your application.
  • Meet other like-minded people who are also looking to have the best summer ever.
  • Chat to the AmeriCamp and CCUSA reps and get heaps of advice about your application.


  • Start your online application with AmeriCamp or CCUSA (they recommend that you complete it prior to the fairs so you get in first and are ready to meet the camp directors, but it’s not a necessity – you can apply on the day too).
  • Have the initial interview with your agency (again you can do this on the day, but it’ll benefit you if you do it beforehand).

When & Where?

AmeriCamp and CCUSA are joining forces for their recruitment fairs in January, and you can find both them at four different locations across the UK.

Edinburgh – Thurs 15th Jan 2015. 3-7pm

Dublin – Thurs 15th Jan 2015. 12:30-3pm (only AmeriCamp)

Leeds – Sat 17th Jan 2015. 10am-3:30pm

London – Sun 18th Jan 2015. 11am-4pm

On the day?

  • Get there on time (even a little bit early if you want to be one of the first to meet the camp directors).
  • Have all your documents and application ready to show any prospective employers.
  • Chat to your agency representatives, past summer camp participants and any staff that the camps have brought along.
  • Ask LOADS of questions.
  • Interview with the camp directors – let your personality and skills shine through and hopefully you will be walking away from the recruitment fairs with a job!
  • If you want to apply on the day, you need to bring 2x passport photos, references, any certificates you have, and some way to pay the application fees.

Good luck and have fun!

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