The ‘Magic’ Of Camp

Written by Libby Wuszke

Anyone who has ever been at camp, whether it be for a week or for multiple summers, knows this indescribable feeling or thing. It is known as the “magic” of camp. No one really knows how to explain it, and everyone attempts but no one has really ever succeeded. We all know that when we try to explain it to non-camp people they definitely can’t wrap their minds around this concept. The exact opposite happens when you try to explain it to a camp person. They automatically know what you are talking about and understand what you are trying to say when you can’t put it into words. It’s that feeling of you’re-not-really-sure-what-emotion, but it’s most likely pure happiness and excitement!

Summer Camp Lake Sunset

When trying to explain it to non-camp people it sometimes goes along the lines of, “it’s hard to explain, but once you’ve experienced it you know exactly what it is.” A person might ask ‘when do you feel/experience this so called “magic”?’. You can promptly answer with many different times. These are just a few I’ve come up with but there are many more out there that each person might individually feel.

Summer Camp Kids Campfire

You feel the magic of camp

as soon as you enter the driveway of your camp. We all know that awesome and excited feeling we get when we enter into camp for the first time during the summer (or really anytime during the summer). It’s that feeling of knowing you’re back home and ready for a fun filled summer! All the past memories start to come back and you get a huge smile on your face

when you are greeted by your co-counselors with running, let me tackle you to the ground hugs. I’m sure we can all admit we look forward to these hugs each summer, especially if we aren’t able to see our friends through out the year. Seeing them running at you brings about this unexplainable emotion of happiness and excitement, otherwise known as that “magic” of camp.

Summer Camp Counselor Hugs

when looking up at the stars. As most of us live in the city we don’t get the luxury of looking up at night and just admiring the stars. That is one luxury that we do get to experience while at camp. Honestly nothing beats just standing there with your friends as you stare up at the sky. This is when you realize how magical that camp is. It’s amazing how when you are looking, all you can hear are the sounds of nature and all you can see is the beautifulness of the stars. An even better thing is when you catch a shooting star making it’s way across the sky. I know personally I’ve been able to make many wishes over the summer on shooting stars.

Summer Camp Sunset Teepee

when you see or hear the kids laughing. I think seeing them laugh or hearing them laugh makes everything worth it. It tells you for a split second that all the trouble and hassle you might go through during the day is all worth it because the kids are having the time of their lives. This instills that little camp “magic” inside of you and keeps you going!

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