Day 45. July 9th ’14: We’re going on a Bear (Mountain) Hunt

About to take the LEADs to Bear Mountain with Charlotte. Just us and 22 LEADs. This should be interesting. But I’m excited – in all my summers at Sloane, I’ve yet to do the Bear Mountain Hike, so I’m actually quite pumped. Even though I definitely don’t hike. Ever. But It’s kinda something you have to do.

Well that was entertaining. By the time we all got there it was already about 9:30 – we had to do loads of runs back and forth from camp to get us all there – so then we had to pretty much power hike up to the top in order to then get back down in time to be picked up at 12.

Hike bear mountain summer camp
At the top of Bear Mountain!

We definitely didn’t make it for 12 o’clock though! Even with basically running up to the top of the mountain, and only pausing for about a second for a water break and some excellent photos, we were still late. We ended up splitting into two groups on the way down, so that one group could go faster to get the first ride back to camp in time for lunch. It was probably quite a funny sight – all these teenagers thundering down a mountain, followed by me and Charlotte, sweating buckets and making sure no one injured themselves!

It was well worth it though. The views from up there were incredible! So glad I can say I’ve been to the top of Bear Mountain now!

Now I’ve got to go to a meeting with all the camp drivers – someone scratched the car and no one’s owning up to it, which means no vans runs until we find out who did it! Uh-oh.

I’m so tired now. I think that hike just totally wiped me out. In the office for the rest of the afternnon now really. Photos. Organising stuff. Standard.

Tubing Lake Summer Camp
Went tubing the other day too!

Just skyped my sisters – so nice to chat to them… sometime I feel very far away from everything that’s going on at home and it’s nice to catch up every now and again.

Gpt to go to CVS and pick something up for the nurses – I love being a camp driver and getting to go on little trips every now and again! Even just to Millerton!

Such a good evening. Filmed the Student Girls part of the Lip Dub (still got so many more parts to film though!) and did some promo video filming. It feels like it’s finally getting somewhere and we’re seeing some progress. Quite excited about getting this video done… I think it’s gonna be pretty great.

Then had Office Duty – there were some mental storms this evening and it’s only just stopped raining. Doing rounds in the rain was so gross. Spent the rest of the evening in the office making an insane amount of name badges for check in. Ju was helping me though… got them all done in about 2 hours. What a team.

Summer Camp Best friends
Dream team!

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