Day 33. June 27th ’15: The Kids Are Coming Tomorrow!

So I’ve been at camp for exactly a month and I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly! It’s insane that I’m already a quarter into my time here this summer…can’t it just slow down and last longer?!

Anyway. Had the morning off today. We were off last night and it was fab… went to Mizza’s with all the supervisors for some food and a few drinkies. Very fun after a hectic week of staff training. Went to do my laundry and then for breakfast with a few people – so nice to just be off camp for a few hours and get some iced coffee and a bagel.

Camp Counselor Staff

The afternoon’s been full of doing random jobs and getting everything ready for check in tomorrow. I can’t believe the kids are finally coming… I almost forgot that children even come here, I’ve been here so long without them! We all got to buy stuff from the camp store today too which was great – there’s some pretty sweet stuff in there this year!

It’s the staff auction tonight which is always a good laugh. I really don’t want to spend any money though!

Okay so my ‘not spending any money’ plan didn’t really go very well. It was all going according to plan until a big box of vintage camp tshirts and sweaters came up and I just could resist. And then someone was trying to outbid be for the best sweater EVER and I got a little carried away. $170 on an oversized, 10-year-old jumper is a tad ridiculous but I LOVE it. I’ll just have to wear it every day for the rest of the summer so it doesn’t feel like I spent so much money! Whoops.

Anyway. Sleep now. Children arrive tomorrow and the mayhem begins. Can’t wait. Summer Camp Staff Auction


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