30 Things You Should Know About Your Campers

A month ago I wrote about some great questions that will help you get to know your campers and break the ice when you first meet them. That was just the beginning… there are so many things you should know about your campers it can feel a little overwhelming at times. So to start you off, here are 30 things you should try your hardest to learn about each of your campers.

Summer camp campfire

1. What is their Surname?

2. What is their nickname?

3. Does the camper have ant medications?

4. When are their medications taken?

5. Are they allergic to anything?

6. Any physical limitations?

7. Any recent changes in family/friends status? (i.e. divorce, moving etc)

8. What are they most looking forward to at camp?

9. What grade are they in and how old are they?

10. Where do they live?

11. What book did they bring to camp? If they don’t have a book, find them one!

12. Do they have writing materials to write home with? If they don’t, you must sort this out for them!

13. When is their Birthday?

14. What school do they go to?

15. Do they have friends from school or home at camp?

16. What extra-curricular activities do they do at school?

17. How many brother/sisters do they have?

18. How old are their brothers/sisters?

19. How big is their family? Extended family?

20. Do they have any pets and what are their names?

21. Who is the most important person in their life and why?

22. Who is their biggest role model and why?

23. Favourite colour?

24. Favourite musical group/singer?

25. Favourite movie?

26. What is their favourite game/video game?

27. Who is their hero and why?

28. What kind of cars do they like?

29. What kind of flowers do they like?

30. What do they want to be when they grow up and why?

And that’s just a few to get you started… there are so many more questions you should be asking your campers this summer in order to get to know them, but these are great conversations starters!

Knowing your campers is what your job as a camp counselor is all about this summer!


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