Q & A With NYQUEST: Job Fairs

Here’s the next post in our Q & A with NYQUEST series, and this time we’re talking about their upcoming job fairs in the UK where you can get hired on the spot!


NYQUEST Job fair camp canada London
London – January 16th
1. So what’s all this brouhaha about, what IS a camp job fair?

Camp job fairs are great opportunities to get your summer camp placement set up all in one day! Camp placement agencies travel across the pond and set up shop in cities across Europe. We bring along a ton of directors from amazing camps across North America. Applicants can walk around, get a feel for the different camps, and chat with each director about their camp. If you come prepared to impress you could get hired right on the spot, and get your amazing summer adventure planned out instantly! NYQUEST will be in London on Jan. 16th, Leeds Jan. 17th and Dublin Jan. 18th

2. When are the job fairs? Will there be more later in the year?

Different agencies host camp job fairs in different cities around the UK, and around the world. NYQUEST will be in London Jan. 16th, Leeds on Jan. 17th and Dublin on Jan. 18th. Once we head back to Canada we won’t be back until 2017, so make sure to catch us while you can!

3. Can I get hired on the spot?

You betcha! This is one of the best things about the job fairs, camp directors arrive excited to meet great staff and ready to hire!

4. Do I need to fill in an application first?

It’s up to you! It is definitely advantageous to have your application filled in before you arrive – this will put you to the front of the line, and you can get straight down to business and get talking to the camp directors! If you do not fill in an application ahead of time, no worries – you can take a few minutes to register with the agency. You will need to fill in a short pre-application, where you will answer questions about your top camp skills and your childcare experience.

5. Should I do anything to prepare?

The job fair is a one-time opportunity to meet camp directors and get hired on the spot, so you’ll want to make the most of it! It’s a good idea to take some time to think about what skills you could teach at camp, and about your previous experience with childcare. A great way to get your wheels spinning on these questions is to get a start on your application!

NYQUEST Job fair camp canada London
Leeds – january 17th
6. What should I wear?

Camp is a casual place and you want to look the part, so you do not need to wear your best interview clothes, but be sure you are are dressed appropriately. Revealing clothing, or lots of exposed tattoos (for example) probably will not work in your favour!

7. Do I need to bring a resume?

That’s a great idea! You will fill out an application when you arrive (or online ahead of time) so your resume is not a necessity. But coming prepared with an easy to read resume shows camp directors that you are organized, professional, and excited about camp!

8. Can I bring someone to accompany me to the fairs?

You can certainly bring a friend with you, either to apply to work at a camp as well, or for moral support. One tip: ask your mum and dad to stay home – You want to seem independant, professional and mature to the directors, so having your mum asking questions and talking you up likely won’t work in your favour! Applicants must be 18 to take part in the program, so as much as parents want to be involved, you are our primary contact, and all your communication with us must be through you, not your parents!

9. Do I need to pay to come to the job fairs?

There is no cost to attend the job fairs, but if you are hired you will be required to pay the application fee on the spot, so be sure you have about £50 available in your bank account in case your prayers are answered and you receive an awesome placement!

10. There are no fairs in my area, can I still get hired if I don’t go to the job fair?

Of course! We would love to visit every city in person, but please don’t feel left out if we don’t make it to your area. We work year round to place counsellors at awesome camps across Canada, so if you aren’t able to make it to the job fairs we promise that we’re still working hard to find you an awesome placement!

NYQUEST Job fair camp canada Dublin
Dublin – January 18th
11. What happens if I don’t get hired at the fair, are my dreams of a summer in Canada over?

Whether or not you find the perfect camp job at the fair, you are still in ahead of the game! Here’s how:

  • You’ll have a better idea of what camp is like after talking to so many campy Canadians
  • Talking to directors at the fair is great practice. You will definitely have at least one more interview before you head across the ocean for your summer adventure. After the fairs you will feel more confident, and have a better idea of what you’ll be asked!
  • You’ll get to meet the NYQUEST team in person (lucky you!)
  • More importantly, we get to meet YOU! The better we know our participants the better job we can do placing them at a camp that is a perfect fit, so the face to face puts you in a great position to find an awesome camp

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