Day 9. June 7th ’16: Camp Birthdays Are The BEST!


Happy Birthday to meeeee! Just woke up to the house filled with about a thousand balloons. I love my friends so much… so that’s what they were doing last night!


Just had breakfast and now waiting for our job assignments for today. I bloody love Spring camp and just getting a job to go and do.


Weed whacking down at swim beach is the job I got. Me and Gaz are down here now just waiting for Dave to bring all the gear. I actually kinda love weed whacking though – just put your headphones in and totally zone out. And it’s a beauts day too and I’ve got balloons on my weed whacker! Spending the day down at the lake with some machinery isn’t a bad way to spend your birthday.

Summer camp counselor
Happy birthday to me!


Oh jeez this is hard work. I am absolutely boiling (pretty sure I’m sunburnt… oops) and it’s taking FOREVER. The grass and weeds and stuff are so high, and I’m a total perfectionist so I don’t want to miss any bits. But its super satisfying though when I look back at what we’ve done. Need to change my wire, just ran out.


Just had lunch and now we’re having a little break before we head back down to the beach to finish it off. My arms feel like jelly but I want to get it all done today – hate leaving a job half-finished. Gonna go get some more fuel in a minute I think.


We finished! It was loooong. But the beach looks so sick now, especially the grassy bit down by the water – I got a bit carried away and widened all the paths a little excessively, but it looks so nice. I love being able to make camp look pretty before everyone else gets here. It’s like the way it looked before is our little secret and now it’s all free to enjoy summer again.

Gonna go have a little birthday pool party in a minute. I LOVE being at camp on my birthday – where else do you get to have an impromptu pool party, cos there’s a pool where you live?!

Summer camp counselor
It was a pool party, baby!


Bummer, we were in the pool for about half an hour and then the storm clouds came rolling in. Had a good time anyway though, had some music pumping, played an epic game of ‘noodle polo’ (it’s a game we invented a few years ago, basically a cross between water polo and basketball, but with a pool noodle between your legs) and just messed about with my friends in the water. Now off to the Dining Hall for dinner.


Had such a nice evening, after a bit of a palava with dinner – we hadn’t realised we needed to put dinner in the oven and no one had turned the oven on blah blah blah, so it took ages. BUT, there were birthday brownies for me… my favourite!

Then we went to CVS to get snacks and had a movie night – watched ‘White Chicks’ – too funny. Now just chilling and chatting in the house. Such a good day. Did I mention birthdays at camp are my favourite?

Summer camp counselor
Sunsets at camp are the best

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