5 Common Places Counselors Travel to After Summer Camp

While Summer Camp is of course great, fantastic, amazing, about halfway through the summer most people start thinking about what they’re going to do and where they’re going to travel to once camp is over. On your J1 visa you are allowed to stay in the USA for an extra 30 days after you leave camp, so of course, the majority of counselors will head off for a bit of adventure after their summer of hard work. Now, the States is a pretty big country, so decided where to go can be a little bit overwhelming. Here are some of the most common destinations where you will find summer camp counselors a-plenty enjoying their last few weeks of the summer.

1. New York City
NYC is often the first port of call after leaving camp, particularly as so many summer camps are quite close by. The city is a great place for some final great nights with your new friends, a great place to shop and eat (NYC bagels for the win) and, of course, to do some awesome sightseeing.

NYC New York Times Square Summer Camp Travel
Times Square in all its (rainy) glory

2. Miami
Fancy a chance to lie on the sand and play in the sea after you more than hectic summer? Well then Miami is the place for you. Soak up some rays, rent a jet ski and enjoy the nightlife…there’s camp counselors a plenty in this beach side city.

3. Washington DC
If it’s a bit of culture and a slight more relaxed trip you’re after then you should head to DC, where you can explore the immaculate streets and gardens and get that oh-so sought after photo in front of the White House.

Summer Camp Travel Washington DC White House
Camp Counselors love DC!

4. Los Angeles
Once again, if it’s the sun, sea and surf you’re after then LA is your place. Often a little bit out of the way for those of us who work at camps on the East Coast, Los Angeles is well worth the trip with plenty to offer, from celeb spotting in Hollywood to a bike ride down Venice boulevard, LA has something for everyone.

5. Chicago
Chicago is an incredible city, with great views from the Skydeck at the Willis (formerly known as Sears) Tower and the opportunity to take some really fun photos at the Bean, it has the tourist attractions like NYC, but the more chilled nature of DC and LA…a perfect combination for a summer camp counselor who might be running out of steam after a long and incredible summer.

Summer Camp Travel Santa Monica Skateboarding
Skateboarding along the beach in Santa Monica!



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