May 26th ’14. Day 1: And So It Begins… Again

So excited. Been waiting all year. 4th summer at camp. And it’s finally here. Been in Australia all year and cannot wait to see all my camp friends.

Arrive in NYC after a long overnight flight from San Fran (on which I didn’t get a wink of sleep). So tired. Get the bus to the city. Oh it’s good to be back in NYC. Lug bags to storage place a few blocks from Grand Central. Meet up with Rosie, a friend from last summer. Heading to camp this afternoon, but first it’s time for a bit of shopping. Subway to Soho. Shop. A lot. I don’t know how I’m going to fit more stuff in my bag.

Pick up our bags. Struggle back to Grand Central. Meet another friend, Chris. So good to see this one. Missed him a lot. Buy our tickets…I end up doing everyone’s (as always) with a mixture of cards, cash and many, many coins (wait, whats a dime again?).

Summer camp, Bags, Travel
On our way to camp…so many bags!

Train to camp. Ah it’s getting so close now. But I’m so exhausted. Haven’t slept for about 28 hours now. Have to change trains halfway there. No storage to put our bags in and my bag doesn’t fit down the aisle. End up standing with our bags in the bit that connects the carriages with bestie, Rosa. Long. Rosa’s lost her ticket. Uh-oh. We manage to sweet talk the conductor and convince him that she definitely did have a ticket…she must have had it for the last train! Phew.

Finally arrive at Wassaic station. Everything’s so familiar. Picked up by Adam, Ramon and Caitlin who’ve all been at camp for a while. I’m so happy to see them, but also more tired than I can deal with. I think it’s now over 30 hours since I’ve slept. But we’ll be at camp soon and I can crash.

Oh no, wait. We’re stopping for ice cream. I can’t keep my eyes open, let alone deal with the stress of ordering and conversation.

Actually, that was a good idea. Yum. I feel a little more awake now. Sugar kick. Back in the car. Oh I love this route past the water to camp. So pretty.

Summer Camp USA Grand Central Friends
Meeting up with these guys at Grand Central!

Driving through the gates. I’m home (as cheesy as it sounds, but it’s true). Can’t help smiling. The boys try to trick us and take us to one of the older cabins, saying that’s where we’ll be living for Spring camp. We see right through it and they give in and drive us up the hill to the Bellagio cabin (that’s not what it’s actually called, but it’s a nice house, hence the nickname).

Head straight in and am very happy to see my bed from last year is still inside (it has the comfiest mattress ever). Jump up and down a bit with excitement (over being back at camp, not because of the bed). We decide where we’re sleeping (there’s 5 girls in the house…for now) then hunt around for all the stuff we left behind last summer. Find all my boxes and unpack them with glee. Ohhh, so I did leave that tshirt here, and there’s my jumper! All very cool. Totally forgotten how tired I was.

Go down to the linen room to claim sheets and a sleeping bag (I love getting to camp first so I can get a good one). Find an excellent one with a cozy lining on the inside. Perfect.


In the cabin. Chatting with the girls (and Chris), reminiscing about last year and everything we’re excited about for this summer. All the plans we’ve got and counselors we can’t wait to see and obviously the kids. All the kids. Oh god I’m happy to be back.

Summer Camp trees usa view
This is one of my favourite views in the world.

Finally fall into bed. I’ve been awake for about 34 hours. How did I do that?

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