Camp Counselor of the Week: Danielle Barnes

This week’s counselor of the week is Danielle, who just spent this past summer at camp in Connecticut, taking photos and enjoying everything summer camp has to offer.

summer camp counselor usa

1. Where did you go to camp? How many years?

I went to Camp Sloane in Lakeville, Connecticut. This year (2014) was my first year.

2. Why did you decide to work at summer camp?

I wanted to experience living in a different country and I wanted to experience new things. I also felt it was important to grow as a person and meet new people from around the world. And of course to spend a lot time with kids where we could teach each other things.

3. What agency did you apply to camp through and would you choose them again/how did you find their service?

I went through CCUSA and they were helpful when I asked for help. I would choose them again.

4. What is/was your role at camp?

I was a Junior Girls Camp Counselor (age 10-11) and Media Teacher and Photographer.

5. Did camp meet your expectations? In what ways?

Yes it did because I got to experience new things and meet new people. As corny as that sounds it has an impact on a person’s soul when you do something for the first time. This was a major leap of faith in the camp, and myself, and I can say that the camp excelled my expectations and I was able to do what I went to do.

Summer camp usa counselor friends

6. What 3 essential items would you never go to camp without?

The three things that I would not go without are: wellington boots, torch and bug spray.

7. What is your best/favourite camp memory

My favourite camp memories were the simple things. Hanging around with the kids, playing games and talking. The low down moments were the most special because that is when you got to bond with the kids the most.

8. What is/was your favourite camp food?

My favourite camp food was the chocolate brownie dessert with raspberry in the middle. Yum!

9. What is/was your favourite camp cheer/chant?

Sloane girls are F-I-N-E all down the L-I-N-E! And you will L-O-V-E us all the T-I-M-E time! We are the B-E-S-T best of all the R-E-S-T rest, and you will L-O-V-E us all the T-I-M-E time! (Then repeated extremely quickly while banging on the table.)

10. What is your favourite camp saying/word/expression?

‘What are our options?’

11. Where did you travel to after camp (if you travelled)?

I was in New York with a few of the counselors for a few days before I went home.

12. How has camp influenced you/who you are/what you do?

I now have something that is my own and that I am proud of. You know, it is my experience, my lessons and my stories that I get to tell.

13. What is the BEST thing about being a summer camp counsellor?

Knowing that, if you are doing your job properly, you are making a difference in a kid’s life. You are helping them develop as people and helping them to make fun and happy memories.

14. What’s the WORST thing?

The worst thing would be that it seriously is over before you know it.

summer camp usa counselor
There are horses at camp too!

15. What the most important thing that camp has taught you?

It has taught me to value the people around me and to be patient.

16. Anything else you want to say to people thinking about working at summer camp?

Do it. Simply put but all there is to it. Just do it. Fear may try to get the upper hand, but don’t listen to it otherwise you will have regrets of not taking a chance.


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