Day 13. June 7th ’14: Happy Birthday To Me!

Oh god, I’m so hungover. We went out last night to Mizza’s (the local pizza place…with heaps cheap beer) to celebrate my birthday and it got a little out of hand. It was just the 8 or so of us that have been at camp these last few weeks for the Spring season that were allowed to go (a few newbies and returners arrived yesterday), so we had a good little crew and a great party.

But I’m feeling it now. I spent most of the night in the bathroom with my head in the toilet. Gross. And I do not feel so good right now. Awesome start to my birthday, right? Now I’ve got to go to breakfast and deal with people. And food. Eurgh.

Summer camp usa birthday
Birthday kisses

Yup, breakfast was horrific. And there were LOADS of new people there. So stressful. I thought I was gonna vom the whole time. Well done Roo. Good one.

I’m in the office now, just doing some bits and bobs while we wait for a bunch more of the staff to arrive today. Lifeguard and supervisor training starts tomorrow, so it’s only about half the staff coming today – the rest will arrive next week. I’m gonna try and deal with this horrendous hangover and make myself a little bit more presentable – I don’t think I’m gonna make a very good impression on the newbies if I greet them in this state!

About to skype the fam for birthday wishes.

Summer camp usa birthday
Birthday beers…so many beers

Finally managed to pull myself out of the hangover. Not doing that again for a while. Someone slap me if I drink that much again please. Spent the day moving the rest of my stuff out of the cabin and into Pio Girls section – we all live in tents for staff training, returners with newbies in every tent…kinda wish we were staying in Junior Girls this week so I don’t have to move my stuff again next week (if I end up in Juniors that is. Fingers crossed!).

Adam totally embarrassed me at lunch with the happy birthday song and a cake – I had to do the tradition thing we have at camp of standing on a chair at the front of the dining hall while everyone sings. Totally mortifying. But lovely at the same time. Birthdays at camp are the best.

Finally got some people to help me move the furniture out of the old media shed and over to the new room. Been trying to get that done for weeks! Although I did drop a shelf on my foot and now it’s all swollen up like a balloon. I’m sat here with a bag of ice on it. Nice one.

Summer camp usa birthday presents
Getting mail at camp is the best thing EVER!

Uh-oh, just got in trouble for staying in the cabin last night instead of in the tents like we were supposed to. Our bad. But we really did think it was the more sensible option, as we came back quite late from Mizza’s and didn’t want to wake everyone up. No excuses though – I’ll go and apologise to my tent mates and hope they weren’t too offended.

Had quite a nice evening actually. Played some games on the field with everyone after dinner – the usual ridiculous ones like ‘Chicken in a Hen House’ and ‘Eskimo Baseball’* – good ice breakers and a chance for everyone to get a bit more comfortable around each other.

Then we all went down to Boating and had a campfire and just hung around and chatted – did the classic thing of going round the circle and saying who we are, how long we’ve been at camp, and a random fact about ourselves. I love stuff like that, and it was fun to get to know the newbies a bit better, but tonight I was so tired I didn’t really stay to chat for very long.

I can’t imagine I’ve been great company today to be honest. Feel kinda bad about it. Stupid beer. I’ll do better tomorrow.


*I’ll explain these games (and a few more) in a later post.


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