The Time Is Now. Apply TODAY!

If you’ve been thinking about applying to work at summer camp but aren’t 100% sure, or just simply haven’t quite gotten around to starting your application, then I’ve got a question for you?

What are you waiting for?

But seriously. You’ve read about why being a summer camp counselor is the best job in the world, I’ve given you many, MANY, reasons why you should apply, told you the skills required for the job, how much it’s going to cost you, what the kids are actually like, provided you with tips for your application, and even given you some handy hints for helping you choose which agency to apply with.

summer camp usa apply
Summer Camp is calling you

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, I’ve even thrown in some real life stories from my own time at camp, as well as interviews with other camp counselors too!

Right now all the camps out there on the other side of the pond are busy browsing through all the applications they get sent from the agencies…some people are even getting hired already!

An excellent opportunity for you to find a summer camp job will be the recruitment fairs that are happening all over the country in January.  This is where you can go and meet the camp directors in person and perhaps get hired on the spot! (*I will be doing a post full of recruitment fair tips soon).
So even if you haven’t begun your application, it’s still not too late. Get your application started now and you could be on your way to the USA for the summer of a lifetime!
summer camp usa apply
What are you waiting for?

Click the links below to be taken directly to the application pages of the agency of your choice:

BUNAC      3 Adventures      CCUSA

Camp Leaders      Camp America      AmeriCamp

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