Day 39. July 2nd ’15: I Got My 5th Year Watch!


Been out taking photos all morning which is great. It’s so nice to just leave the office for a few hours and wander around camp. Good chance to see everyone I don’t get to see that often too, and the kids. I love stopping by the pool and seeing what they’re all up to.  Got photos of a good chunk of this week’s activities too which is a weight off my mind, as I somehow didn’t really get a lot in the last few days and it’s been stressing me out.

Summer Camp Waterski
That waterski life


Uploading. Uploading… Urgh it’s so slow sometimes. And I’m hungry.


Been out on the waterski boat all afternoon taking photos. So fun. It’s possibly my favourite thing to do at camp – especially on a beauts day like today. Smashing it today on the photo front too. Gah, now to go through the bajillion photos I just took and upload them all. I get a bit snap happy with the waterski pics!


So happy right now… just got my 5th year watch at the Closing Ceremony of this session! It’s a huge tradition here at Sloane, and I’ve been waiting, well, 5 years to wear this thing around my wrist! Don’t even know why it matters so much but it feels really cool. 5 summer. Jeez, it’s gone so fast. It feels like my first day here was just yesterday.

Summer Camp Skit
Funny campfire skits


Still in the office. Only came in here to sort the photos from Closing Campfire… 2 hours ago! But then basically ended up doing Office Duty because people switched their days off without checking the schedule and then there was no one to cover the office this evening. Grrr. Not really how I wanted to spend my evening. People need to be more considerate and aware of everyone around them. Just check the bloody schedule. It’s not hard. Oh well. I guess I’ll make a start on the Closing Campfire video edit. Here goes.



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