Camp Counselor of the Week: Janine Munk

Have you read the last few counselor interviews from Bouke and George? Want to hear more about what being a camp counselor is really like? This week we hear from Janine, who worked in Adventure and loves to dress up as a bee!

Summer Camp Counselor Color War

1. Where did you go to camp? How many years?

To Camp Sloane, this was my first year.

2. Why did you decide to work at summer camp?

I knew there was a possibility to do my internship in the USA. And I heard some amazing stories from [a friend]. And thought this is something for me!

3. What agency did you apply to camp through and would you choose them again/how did you find their service?

The agency I went with was 3 Adventures. The contact with the company was really easy and I had no problems at all.

4. What is/was your role at camp?

I was working as a counselor and I was a member of the Adventure staff, were I was teaching activities like mountainbiking, climbing, high-ropes and nature activities etc.

summer camp counselor climbing

5. Did camp meet your expectations? In what ways?

Yes it did! I just really liked that I had to work with so many different people from all over the world. And I got to be crazy with the kids. And I knew it was hard work, what it definitely is. (but worth it)

6. What 3 essential items would you never go to camp without?

1. Crazy clothes (love them, and you need them) 2. Flip flops with backheels, I didn’t had one the first weeks and I really regret it. 3. Hair tie, I hate it when its warm and can’t find a hair tie..

7. What is your best/favourite camp memory?

Definitely color war. I was the general of the green team. And I just loved the day ’cause it’s a different day than normal. And you do a lot of cool activities. And I loved to be green for once in my life. 😉

8. What is/was your favourite camp food?

Oreo cake, brownie, nacho’s, s’mores.

Summer Camp Counselor Friends

9. What is/was your favourite camp cheer/chant?

Purple soup!!

10. What is your favourite camp saying/word/expression?

Bbbbbzzzz, I love to be a bee. In my bee onesie

11. Where did you travel to after camp (if you travelled)?

I flew from NY to Miami, we rented a car and worked our way up to end in Boston. We saw city’s like: Philadelphia, Washington, Disneyworld!, and a lot more. I really liked Washington, cause of all the museums (free entrance) and a lot there was a lot to see.

12. How has camp influenced you/who you are/what you do?

It helped me to be more myself. And to know it’s okay to be crazy sometimes. And it helped me improve my English. Cause I’m from the Netherlands, and it’s not our native language.

Summer Camp Counselor kids

13. What is the BEST thing about being a summer camp counsellor?

To hear that most kids want you to come back! That’s an amazing feeling. Then you know you did a great job. And I just really liked to see the kids grow, in the first weeks they can be shy and at the end of the week they can be sooo crazy haha. I also loved to work with people from all over the world.

14. What’s the WORST thing?

To be tired sometimes. They are just very busy days. And when I had a day off I had to do some school work sometimes too.

15. What the most important thing that camp has taught you?

To be yourself. And don’t be afraid to ask, everybody want to help you our listen to your stories.

16. Anything else you want to say to people thinking about working at summer camp?

DO IT! It’s an amazing experience, you will learn so many things you can only learn on camp.

Summer Camp Counselor dress up


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