10 Things You Didn’t Think You’d Miss About Being A Camp Counselor

Firstly… MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody! I hope everyone had a fab day yesterday!

Anyway. So you’ve been to summer camp, you had an incredible few months making great new friends, teaching and playing with fab kids and learning all sorts of new life skills. And now that you’re home and regular life is back in full swing, you find yourself reminiscing about and missing some parts of camp life that you really thought you’d be glad not to have to experience for a while.

1. Sleeping outside – Whether you lived a cabin or a tent this summer, you now find yourself missing the calm and peace and quiet. 4 walls and real bed? What is this? Oh and the stars. You miss all of the stars.

Teepee camping summer camp
I’ll take a night in a teepee anytime!

2. Bug nets – Getting in and out of your bug net every day was a hassle, not half as much as when it falls down and you have to spend your precious time putting it back up. But now you find yourself missing the safe little cocoon it made around you, protecting you from the creatures of the night.

3. Being woken up early – Pretty much the worst thing about being a camp counselor were the early mornings. And now you find yourself missing the routine and structure of a day at camp, no matter how tired you were.

4. Crying children – You never thought you’d want to hear another crying child in your life… ‘why are you homesick… it’s 3 o’clock in the morning! Go back to sleep!‘. But when you are the one who succeeds in stopping the crying, you feel like a friggin’ superhero. You miss that feeling.

5. The heat – You definitely didn’t think you’d miss the searing heat and humidity of a classic summer day in America… oh the sweat. All the sweat. But it’s winter here now and England is cold and wet. Take me back to the days of the mid-day meltdown.

Summer Camp counselor kids play
Life is so boring without fun kids to play with!

6. Never getting a minute to yourself – When you’ve been surrounded by people every second of everyday for 2 months, being alone can be a bit of a struggle.

7. The salad bar – There’s only so many different ways you can make a salad and in the summer you never wanted to even see a carrot again. But now there’s no one to make your salad for you… “Urgh, what do you mean I have to cut up my own vegetables?

8. All of the food actually – Camp food might be super carb heavy and not really what you’d eat at home. But at least you didn’t have to do any of the cooking!

9. The hills and all the walking – Now that there’s no hills to climb or kids to run around after, you actually have to make a conscious effort to exercise. Gym anyone? No. Me neither.

Spider bug net camp
Where’s my mosquito net to keep these bugs away?!

10. The ‘no alcohol’ rule – At camp your body got a break from all the parties and fun stuff you put into it when you were at uni last year. And now all the student nights out have started again, you almost wish you could have a self imposed alcohol ban to stop your liver from dying.


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