Returning To Camp With CCUSA: April Update

Since I pretty much got everything sorted back in March, with getting my visa being the final piece of the puzzle, April has been fairly quiet on the camp front.

I’m coming towards the end of my PGCE uni course to become an Early Years Teacher , so it’s pretty hectic at the moment, and actually I don’t really mind that so much, because it’s filling my days and making the wait for camp seem a little bit shorter (just 9 weeks to go!). Each day, as I check my Twitter newsfeed, which is filled with excited tweets from people whose visas have just been granted, or only have X amount of days before they head off to summer camp for the very first time, the little bubble in my chest rises a bit more, because I know that summer is coming!

summer camp counselor
Are you ready for summer?

It’s been fun watching my camp’s staff Facebook group grow and seeing some of the new staff who will be at camp this summer (some of whom are people I met at the camp fairs back in January) – I’m excited now for the group to kick off with intros and questions about camp life – if you haven’t already guessed, telling people about camp and giving them some advice or information is pretty much my favourite thing ever.

Speaking of giving advice, I posted another couple of awesome Q&A interviews with CCUSA this month – the first all about getting your visa and sorting your flights and the second regarding their camp orientations – go check them out if you haven’t already! As a 7th year returner (!) I won’t be going to an orientation this year as I think I’ve got it all pretty sussed out (I would hope so, anyway, after 7 years!), but it’s absolutely VITAL that you go to these orientations if this is going to be your first year at camp, in fact, it’s a requirement. Don’t worry though, the orientations are super fun, filled with info, advice and a bunch of awesome games to get you in the camp spirit, and you might even meet your new best friend!

summer camp counselor
Campfires are coming…

So really, there’s not a lot to report this month. It’s very strange not to be able to say that I’m going to camp next month (as I usually go out at the end of May), but I know summer will be here before I can blink.

60 days to go until the #bestsummerever!


**I’m returning to camp this summer with CCUSA who have the lowest returner fees and have placed 100% of applicants in the last 2 years. Get in touch with them via their websiteFacebookTwitter or Instagram, by phoning them on +44 0208 874 6325 or by email at**

Disclaimer: CCUSA are waiving my camp fees in return for this blog series, but please rest assured that all opinions are honest and my own.

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