Summer Camp Recruitment Fairs

It’s coming up to that time of year again, it’s almost time for Camp Directors from across the USA & Canada to hop on a plane and fly over to this side of the pond for the annual summer camp recruitment fairs! I love the camp fairs as there are just so many great camps to chat to, and some awesome opportunities for you all.

Coming to a camp job fair is the BEST way to secure yourself a spot at camp for the summer – get the chance to speak face to face with camp directors and returning staff members, show them who you are and why you’d be great for their camp, and ask as many questions as you like. Yes, it is still a job interview and those can be a little scary sometimes, but honestly there’s nothing to worry about, camp people are awesome and they’re just going to want to help make sure you get placed at the camp that’s right for you!

I’ve written a handy guide about how to get yourself prepped and ready for the fairs, and if you want even more info than that, head over to the FAQs post all about the camp fairs and how to make the most of them.

All of the agencies have slightly different dates for their fairs, but most are going to be in January. You don’t even have to sign up in advance (although doing so will mean you skip some of the queues and be the first to meet the Camp Directors), you can just see how you feel and turn up on the day if that’s more your style. So once you’ve chosen your summer camp agency, see below for the dates of their fairs and head to their website for more details.


**Updated December 2018** 


Dates and Locations for the 2019 Camp Fairs



Manchester – Friday 18th January

London – Sunday 20th January

Edinburgh – Wednesday 23rd January

Dublin – 9th February



I’m actually going to be at these fairs, hiring for my camp, Camp Sloane YMCA, so come over and say hi!

Dublin – Friday 18th January

London – Sunday 20th January

Glasgow – Tuesday 22nd January


Camp America

Edinburgh – Tuesday 22nd January

Manchester – Thursday 24th January

London – Saturday 26th January


Camp Leaders

London – Saturday 19th January

Dublin – Sunday 20th January

Manchester – Saturday 26th January

Cardiff – Sunday 27th January

Edinburgh – Sunday 27th January



Leeds – Saturday 19th January

London – Sunday 20th January

Dublin – Tuesday 22nd January

Edinburgh – Tuesday 22nd January



London – 12th January

Manchester – 13th January

Dublin – 14th January



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