Camp Counselor Of The Week: Steven Reukers

Yup, it’s that time of the week again…time to hear from another counselor about what summer camp is really like! Last week we found out all about Matty’s time at camp and now it’s over to Steven!

summer camp counselor lake

1. Where did you go to camp? How many years?

Last year I went for the first time to Camp Sloane, where I will be returning again this summer.

2. Why did you decide to work at summer camp?

Ramon, the program director at Camp Sloane, was giving a presentation at my school in search for outdoor instructors to come work at camp. Before that I had been working with a lot of different groups guiding outdoor activities and the groups I enjoyed the most were always kids. Especially being on camp with them. So when Ramon gave his presentation I immediately knew it, I want to work at camp!

3. What agency did you apply to camp through and would you choose them again/how did you find their service?

Both last year and this year I have applied with 3 Adventures. Their service is very good in my opinion, I would definitely choose them again.

summer camp counselor

4. What is/was your role at camp?

Last summer I was working as Camp Counselor and member of the Adventure Staff. So I was guiding/teaching climbing, mountain biking, high rope courses and hiking activities. This year I will be working as Adventure Director.

5. Did camp meet your expectations? In what ways?

It did for sure meet my expectation, except that it was even better! Working together with so many people from all over the world and being with kids night and day is just great.

6. What 3 essential items would you never go to camp without?

Well first of all a good and decent backpack! Whenever I go away for a few days, doesn’t matter if it is just a few days or whole summer long, I bring a backpack. Second is a lighter, what is better than having a camp fire at night? Third/fourth would a Camelbak and a good sleeping bag since I can’t choose between them.

7. What is your best/favourite camp memory?

Even though it is hard to list all the great moments and memories I had at camp there is one that stands out for me. It is the moment at the end of every session where you have to say goodbye. And I don’t mean the part that you will not see each other for a while or at all, but the part where they tell you they hope to see you again next summer. That they had a great time at camp and would love to come back next year again. That is for me the best memory at camp! Knowing you were part of their awesome camp.

summer camp counselor

8. What is/was your favourite camp food?

My favourite camp food is tortilla wraps.

9. What is/was your favourite camp cheer/chant?

I am not such a fan of cheers/chants however I do like the shaving cream song.

10. What is your favourite camp saying/word/expression?

“Don’t forget to put on lots of WATER and drink lots of SUNSCREEN”

11. Where did you travel to after camp (if you travelled)?

Together with three others that worked at camp, we visited New York for a few days and made a road trip down the East coast visiting Philadelphia, Washington, Miami and all the way to the most Southern point of the USA, Key West.

summer camp counselor

12. How has camp influenced you/who you are/what you do?

There are numerous things that camp has had influence on. Things like “Being on time is being too late. Being three minutes early is being on time” are so easy to do, but make such a difference.

13. What is the BEST thing about being a summer camp counsellor?

Because camp is so great it makes you forget whatever is going on outside of camp. For a whole summer long your life will consist of nothing more than having fun!

14. What’s the WORST thing?

The few days after your arrival back home, thinking why couldn’t I stay longer?

summer camp counselor travels

15. What the most important thing that camp has taught you?

Always give everything you have, whatever it takes, whenever it is needed.

16. Anything else you want to say to people thinking about working at summer camp?

When you get the chance, take it!

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