A Summer in Photos

Now that I’m finally home, after another epic summer at camp and just over 6 weeks travelling through North and Central America, I’ve been going back through my thousands of photos (yes, thousands!) from camp (and travels) and marveling at just how much happens in a few short months!

So here’s my summer in photos, one for every week:

Week 1 – And So It Begins.

Back in NYC Summer Camp
Back in NYC


Week 2 – A Trip To Coney Island. Mumford & Sons. Nuff Said.

Coney Island Mumford & Sons
A trip to Coney Island to see Mumford & Sons


Week 3 – The First Campfire Of The Summer.

summer camp campfire
The first campfire


Week 4 – A Staff BBQ By The Lake.

All Staff BBQ
All Staff BBQ


Week 5 – Square Dance Selfie. I think I got the selfie stick that day.

Square Dance summer camp selfie staff
Everyone get in the selfie!


Week 6 – I Love Camp Sloane Because… (I made this chalkboard).

I love Camp Sloane because...
Why do you love summer camp?


Week 7 – It’s Olympics Day! Yep. We went all out.

Olympics Day Summer Camp
Carrying the Olympic Torch


Week 8 – A Visit From Mary Poppins. No, actually.

Summer Camp show mary poppins
Mary Poppins Comes to Stay


Week 9 – My Favourites. These girls are the best.

Girls funny section heads dress up summer camp
What a team. My favs


Week 10 – When Color War Was Epic. So Epic.

Camp Summer Camp Color War
It’s Color War


Week 11 – Dancing Makes Everything Amazing. This happened a lot.

Summer Camp dancing on benches
Always Dancing


Week 12 – All Hail, The Golden Toilet. We won the annual soccer game against our local rivals.

Summer Camp soccer winners trophy
The winning team


Week 13 – The Final Hurrah. The staff banquet after a hectic day of cleaning.

Summr Camp supervisors staff
The final hurrah


Week 14 – The Start Of Fall Camp. I love Fall camp. And I love standing on top of wood piles.

Summer Camp jobs
Queen of the wood pile


Week 15 – A Family Camp Square Dance. Everyone loves the limbo.

summer camp family camp dance limbo
Limbo, limbo, limbo


Week 16 – Fall Camp Holiday. We rented a house by the beach and I skated. It was fab.

summer camp holiday fall camp beach
Beach time!


Week 17 – Throw Them In The Trash! My shoes fell apart pretty early on in the summer but I refused to throw them away until the day we left.

Summer camp vans shoes trash bin old shoes
Trash time for the Vans


Week 18 – The Post-Camp Travels Begin. First Stop, Yosemite.

Glacier Point, Yosemite, USA, Road trip
The view from Glacier Point, Yosemite


Week 19 – The Best Road Trip. EVER. We drove from Yosemite to Los Angeles all the way along the coast. So cool.

road trip girls car thumbs up
Road tripping!


Week 20 – Sunsets On Sunsets. Watching a surf contest in Costa Rica and this sunset happened.

Sunsets at Hermosa Beach costa rica
Sunsets at Hermosa Beach


Week 21 – It’s A Hard Life. Hammock life in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Hammock feet lazy
There’s nothing better


Week 22 – Is This Real Life? Kayaked to an island. It was empty. And beautiful.

Costa Rica Samara Island Kayak Sunshine


Week 23 – Arms Wide Open. Getting sprayed by a giant waterfall. Freezing cold but amazing. Also this week: seeing starfish and dolphins in Panama.

La Fortuna Waterfall
Waterfall, come at me.


Week 24 – Leaving The Ocean Behind. Headed back to the city. Cold, wet and grey sightseeing day in San Jose.

San Jose National Theater
San Jose National Theater


Week 25 – The Big Apple. Again. I love NYC.

Sunset in NYC
Sunset in NYC

And that was that. 5 and half months away. And it all started with summer camp.

Bring on summer 2016. Who’s with me?


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