Summer 2016 In Photos

My summers at camp are all about photos. Photos of the kids, photos of my friends, photos of theme days, evening activities, campfires… endless photos. Photos, photos, photos. What on earth do I do with all these photos when the summer is over? Well first I print all my favourites and put them all over my bedroom walls. And then I try to think of other ways to use and share them, trying to show other people how fun summer camp really is. Like in a blog post perhaps?

I did this last year and it was so great to go back through all my photos and choose one to represent every week I spent at camp (super hard too!). So I thought I’d have a go at it again this year. As part of my job at camp each summer is to take all the photos for our social media and our parents to see, I often end up taking thousands of photos – this year I hit 20,000 photographs in the 15 short weeks I was there, so it was perhaps an even more difficult task to choose just one single photo from each week. But here goes…

Week 1 – It’s good to be home.

Summer camp counselor Summer camp USA
The first sunset of the summer

Week 2 – Birthday weed whacking!

Summer camp usa
Birthdays at camp are the best

Week 3 – Staff training begins!

Summer camp Summer camp counselor
Everyone loves a shaving cream fight, right?

Week 4 – Best friends in the moonlight.

Summer camp counselor
Sharing a moment with my favs

Week 5 – Summer begins (i.e. the kids arrive!).

summer camp
Welcome to the best summer ever.

Week 6 – There’s nothing quite like July 4th celebrations at camp.

summer camp usa
July 4th you say?

Week 7 – I love an all-camp photo!

Summer camp USA
Session 2 comes to an end

Week 8 – When I say colour, you say war. Colour. War. Colour. War!

Summer camp USA
Which team will win?

Week 9 – On the boat is a great way to spend intersession.

Summer camp USA
Out on the lake with some of the best

Week 10 – Getting our dance on. These are my people.

Summer camp USA
Dancing on benches is my favourite

Week 11 – The storm to end all storms.

Summer camp USA
This is actual, real-life lightning!

Week 12 – The end has come, it’s staff banquet night!

Summer camp USA
Super team, unite.

Week 13 – Watching the sunset in the first week of Fall.

Summer sunset usa
I could watch these sunsets forever

Week 14 – The penultimate week. A boat, great friends and a dog.

summer camp usa
It was a boat party baby…

Week 15 – The sun sets on another incredible summer. Goodbye America. See you in 2017.

summer camp usa
The end

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