Summer 2017: A Photo Diary

Each summer at camp I am the designated photographer. Not just because well, that’s my job, but also because I absolutely love taking and sharing photos of all my friends at camp. Mine is a tech-free camp, which means that the other staff aren’t allowed their phones when they’re around kids, so they don’t really get a chance to take any photos of their own. So every summer I end up uploading thousands of photos to Facebook (did you know a FB album has a 1000 photo limit?!) so that everyone else can have a record of their amazing summer experiences too. This post has become a little tradition of mine, and I thought it was about time I went back through my 2017 photos to tell the story of this past summer! So here goes:

Week 1 – Finally! I was late to camp this summer because I was studying for my PGCE, so it was such an amazing feeling when I finally arrived!

Summer camp counselor
I’m finally home!

Week 2 – Get on that stage. Every session at camp we have some kind of performance, whether it’s a Talent Showcase or a musical, and the staff LOVE to get involved!

Summer camp counselor performance
Nothing beats a counsellor performance!

Week 3 – Generals assemble! This summer, for Color War, we brought the chosen Generals down to the lake at night for a little secret announcement ceremony… it’s a HUGE deal to be chosen as a General.

Color War Generals summer camp
It’s time to announce the Generals

Week 4 – What an epic day Color War was! With games and competitions, and energy levels running high, the campers and staff ran around with huge smiles on their faces all day.

Color War! Summer camp
It’s Color War!

Week 5 – Campfire skits. At the start and end of every session we have an all camp campfire, with songs and skits from campers and staff. Don’t ask me what they’re doing here though!

Summer camp usa
Campfire skits are the best!

Week 6 – Olympians unite! On Olympics day, much like on Color War, the whole camp competes for glory. This year the winners were team Australia… I wonder who will win next summer?

Summer camp usa Olympics
It’s Olympics Day!

Week 7 – The end of summer. Wow, it went quickly! This is our supervisor team, about to enjoy a delicious staff banquet on the very last night of the summer.

summer camp USA counselor
Such a great team

Week 8 – I hate goodbyes. I stayed at camp pretty late this year, so there were quite a few goodbyes to be said at varying points during our post-season. This is my OG crew, from way back in 2011.

summer camp USA counselor
Saying some goodbyes

Week 9 – Fall camp campfire. One night we just randomly decided to have a campfire and s’mores at the new fire circle we’d just made.

summer camp USA counselor campfire
A campfire and s’mores

Week 10 – Fall Camp Holiday! Each year we have a few days off and this summer a few of us headed to Long Island for some fun at the beach and general chill time.

summer camp USA counsellors road trip
Road Trip!

Week 11 – Last days at camp. Camp was pretty quiet in the last days I was there, and it was really cool to be able to head down to the lake when it was quiet and peaceful.

summer camp USA lake
The best view in the world

Week 12 – Travel time! A quick stop in NYC for some food, shopping and all the other things New York is famous for.

summer camp counsellor USA new york city
Great views from Bryant Park

Week 13 – Road Tripping Colorado. This was such an amazing trip. We drove around the state, camping and hiking in some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen! Take me back.

summer camp USA travel colorado
Colorado is my new favourite state

And that was my summer. Now bring on 2018!

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