10 Signs You’re a Summer Camp Newbie

When you first arrive at camp, you’re going to go through a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. Things like ‘what on earth have I let myself in for?‘, ‘who are all these crazy people?‘, and ‘oh dear, I’m not sure I can do this‘. And that’s totally normal… camp can be overwhelming at first, and you’re not alone. Look around you at all the other camp newbies, and you’ll see these tell-tale signs that they’re all feeling exactly the same as you!

1.  The ‘oh my god, what am I doing here?‘ face.


2. The ‘oh I probably didn’t need all these toiletries‘ realisation.


3. The ‘urgh how do I hold a flashlight while trying to do other things?‘ question… #shouldabroughtaheadlamp


4. The ‘how did I bring so much stuff but still don’t have enough shorts?‘ exasperation.


5. The ‘I‘m so tired and the kids haven’t even arrived yet‘ look.


6. The ‘everyone seems really confident and I’m not quite sure I fit in‘ shyness.


7. The ‘I think this isn’t for me‘ homesickness.


8. The ‘ok, I’m just gonna go crazy and give everything a go‘ decision.


9. The ‘I’ve just found my new best friends for life‘ happiness.


10. The ‘this is the best place ever and I never want to go home‘ joy.


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