10 Signs You’re a Summer Camp Returner

I recently wrote a post about the signs of a camp newbie, so I thought that I should do the same for those of you that have been to camp before, the infamous summer camp returner. Do you recognise any of these signs?

1. Your level of excitement in the countdown for summer in insane.


2. You find that packing is a breeze. ‘Cos most of your clothes are already at camp from last year.


3. You want to scream and cry upon arrival when driving through the camp gates.


4. The ‘oh my god I haven’t seen you for so long I LOVE you so much’ greeting with old friends.


5. The excitement you feel when you unpack your clothes and random crap you left last summer. Now you’re ready with your headlamp, crocs and tie dye shirt.


6. You know where to find EVERYTHING.


7. You’re an ‘expert’ at getting rid of spiders and other bugs, and you’ve even made friends with the skunk that lives nearby.


8. You can spot a camp newbie from a mile off, and you relish in welcoming them to your camp family.


9. You suddenly remember how tiring camp is, but you don’t even care because you love it so much.


10. Settling back in is the easiest thing in the world and it’s like you’ve never been away. Ahhh, it’s good to be home.


What other signs are there that you’re a summer camp returner? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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