Returning to Camp with CCUSA: June Update

I’m on the plaaaaaane! That’s right, the day has finally come. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this forever, and these last 3 weeks have been absolute torture, knowing that everyone was already at camp, having the best time in the camp bubble, while I still had a whole bunch of life stuff to do.

But the wait is over, and in just a few hours (after I watch as many films as I possibly can during this flight), I’ll be on the train to camp, where the lovely Jacinta will be waiting to pick me up. I should get there just in time for dinner and then Closing Campfire of Session 1… I cannot wait!

Trying to pack up my room…

While this last month has been quite hard in terms of feeling like I was missing out on camp things, it’s also been super busy, which I suppose has helped it go by a little faster. It was my birthday at the start of the month and the weather was glorious, so I had a birthday bbq with all my friends before a few more of them headed off to camp. I’ve spent time with family and done all those life things you always need to do before going away – I got my hair cut, got my braces off (this was the most exciting thing ever), sorted my phone for America, checked and double checked all the details for my insurance and flights, met up with uni friends and finally completed my PGCE!

Birthday cake
Birthday cake campfire… best cake ever!

That’s been perhaps the most exciting part of June. I did my last 2 weeks of placement at the nursery I’ve been at since January, had my final observations and gradings (woooo!) and spent as much time with the wonderful staff and children as I could – and yes, I cried on my last day. Then for the past 2 weeks I’ve been on a short placement at an outdoor nursery, which was so much fun, playing in the woods, making mud pies and climbing trees… just seeing another way of doing things was really interesting. I can’t believe this year is over and I’ve actually completed my PGCE! It’s mad. There were definitely times when I thought I wasn’t going to make it, or I was more stressed that I’ve ever been in my life, but the thought of getting this qualification and then heading back to camp for the summer kept me going, and I am so proud of myself for all the hard work I’ve put in and completing the year.

Ed Sheeran, live at the O2
Ed Sheeran, live at the O2

Last week was also super exciting, first I went to see Ed Sheeran play at the O2, which was immense (thanks Dad for the birthday tickets!), and then my ex-Stepmum got remarried (my family’s complicated!) – it was so lovely to be a part of their special day and I even got to play wedding photographer too… very pleased with the photos I took actually, and it was a good warm up to get myself camera ready for camp. And finally, this week one of my favourite people came over to London from Australia for a visit and we had a mega fun time just catching up and hanging out with friends. Oh and I also packed up all my stuff too – that was quite a mission as I had to pack away literally everything I own so my room can be rented out while I’m gone. But I got there in the end, and even managed to not bring too much stuff with me this time!

I quite enjoyed my role as wedding photographer!

So, as much as I’ve wanted to be at camp these last few weeks, in some ways I’m glad I wasn’t, as it meant I’ve been able to enjoy all these other amazing things too.

Now, get me to camp, it’s time for the best summer EVER!

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